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Urban Fantasy

Our stories promise fast paced adventure with plot twists, humor, and characters that you'll want to be friends with.

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Supernatural Disasters

1 part Academics + 2 parts Magic + 3 parts Fail = Disaster

They say life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans—they’re


My life changed trajectory the day I attacked the creep who stole my thesis and got kicked out of the prestigious University of Sciences in Boston. That sucked, but then the laws of physics betrayed everything I believed in, and I got jumped by a creature out of literal urban fantasy nightmares.


There’s no way it could be real.

There’s no way to explain how it could be real.


Magic? Are you freaking kidding? I’m a science geek. The world I live in is based in factual evidence and mathematical equations. The Scientific Method exists for a reason.


It’s tangible. Explainable. Quantifiable. Until it’s not.


But when I’m attacked by a Harrower and rescued by a guy who turns monsters into dust, there’s no way I can deny it. I live in a world where magic exists. There are madmen that kick off reality-eating storms right in the middle of Boston, and powerful, magic wielding Magi who fight to stop them.


And apparently, I’m one of them.


Armed with only my passion for math, an irritable crow, and a knack for setting things on fire, I’m thrown into a new life I never new existed. Will I survive becoming a Magi? Will Boston survive me?

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