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Our stories range from romantic element to romantic suspense to paranormal why choose. You are guaranteed no cheating and a happily ever after.

Paranormal why choose

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Moonstone Maelstrom

It was a mistake I could never undo.
A mistake made with the purest of intentions.
A mistake that locked me in the crosshairs of the most dangerous beasts imaginable—Vampires.

"New Orleans is too dangerous for you, cher."

I thought MawMaw was being protective. Afterall, my parents were killed in a violent car accident in Nola when I was a child. That was when she moved us halfway across the globe.

But a Tremé witch needs to be laid to rest in the soil of our ancestors or she will never be at peace.

The moment I set foot in the city of jazz clubs and soul food, I felt the rush of ancient power. My cells came to life like never before, my connection to the ancestors taking root.

And then he found me—they found me. The men of my nightmares. The beasts who capture me and say I belong to them.

Laissez les bon temps rouler.


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Rescued by a Hero

A missing child, a mother’s despair, a hero seeking redemption.


Dan Cooper, former special agent of the FBI has been plagued by the disappearance of Bree McKenney for three long years. It was the case that derailed the trajectory of his career. It was the one time he blurred the lines and let his feelings get in the way of his job.


He made a mistake… A mistake that may have caused a child her life.


Rebecca McKenney knew the meaning of unconditional love the moment she held her baby girl in her arms. But that joy was stolen from her when Bree vanished without a trace. For three torturous years, Rebecca has been caught in a spiral of despair.


And then, a chilling vision of Bree suggests her daughter might still be alive.

But no one believes her.


Having to turn to Dan Cooper is almost worse than the torture of the past three years but she’d endure anything to get her daughter back. Besides… he owes her.


Despite their disastrous past, time is running out, and every step closer to finding Bree leads Dan and Rebecca deeper into deception and evil.


A Siren's Call

He's ex-military turned private security.
She's a secretive woman in the crosshairs.

Together, in a protective, all the feels romance.

When I'm called halfway across the country to identify the body of my cousin, Clay, I'm in no mood to be given vague answers. What happened? No one seems to have any idea how he ended up dead. The only lead I have is Clay's message to me—the Gothic Grind.

I go to the club, ready to tear the place to the ground, when Pyper takes the stage and I hear her voice...
What's with that voice?

The world erupts, chaos ensues, and I'm left scrambling to figure things out as bullets fly and lies hang heavy in the air. Pyper is hiding things and I'm hellbent on finding out what. She's scared...but there's something else.

Did Clay direct me here to protect her or take her down? Is he dead because of her? Whether she likes it or not, I will peel back every layer of every veil until all I'm left with is her naked truth.

Coming Soon

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