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Blaze Ignites

Scourge Survivor Series

Blaze Ignites

She was chosen. His people were exiled. Nothing will ever be the same.
Jade loves her life as a fae enforcer for her world's elite policing agency. She commands the element of fire and the gift of healing and is a well-loved instructor at the Haven Academy of the Gifted. Then, Castian, the god of fae gods, sends her on an emissary mission to reinstate a race of exiled Elves.

Galan dreamed of leaving the village of the Highborne Elves his entire life but with his people exiled, where could he go? Then, on the first day of his rite of passage ritual, he crosses paths with a red-haired, smart-mouthed temptress. He has never encountered anyone like Jade—he has never encountered anyone outside his Highborne people.

Although Galan's antiquated views on women offend Jade to her heated core, when ancient enemies seize their chance to strike at the Highbornes, Jade helps him navigate worlds he knows nothing about—the magical Realm of the Fair and, stranger still—the modern streets of Toronto.

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